Copyright Registration

Copyright is an intellectual property right given by the law to the creator of literary, dramatic, educational, musical and artistic works and producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings.

The protection provided by copyright to the efforts of owners, authors, writers, artists, designers, actors, musicians, architects and producers of sound recordings, cinematograph films and computer software, creates an environment encouraging and favoring to creativity, which induces them to create more and influences others to create.

Copyright laws make it easier for owners to make money by selling their works. A registered copyright work can only be copied if the owner gives permission and enables to initiate legal action against any person who copies. Copyright laws are strict.

What is protected by copyright:

  • Literary Works
  • Musical Works
  • Dramatic Works
  • Pantomimes and Choreographic Works
  • Pictorial, Graphic, and Sculptural Works
  • Motion Pictures and Other Audiovisual Works
  • Sound Recordings Works
  • Computer Software / Computer programme Works
  • Logo Works
  • Website Works

What is not protected by copyright?

CCopyright does not protect Names, Titles, Short Phrases, Expressions, Short word combinations, slogans, methods, plots, factual information, mathematical principles; formulas, algorithms or method of operation.

Copyright does not protect ideas, concepts, Standard calendars, Height and Weight charts, Telephone directories, Tape measures and rulers, and lists or tables taken from public documents.

Copyright does not protect a choreographic work, fashion clothing or food Recipes including its ingredients. However exceptions are still there.

To get the protection of copyright – a work must be original.

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